LANY in Newcastle

Lovelytheband were stereotypically lovely. Their job of limbering up the crowd was made all the more easy by the amount of fans that were already down the front early for them. Frontman Mitchy Collins is every bit as warm and charismatic as you would imagine from songs like ‘make you feel pretty’.

They really got the already eager mass of bodies on the floor moving to the sound of a cover of ‘Mr Brightside’. Finishing on ‘these are my friends’, lovelytheband did their job of getting the crowd ready and then some.

LANY come on stage to a retro VHS rewind effect on a screen behind them. Paul Jason Klein is wearing a vintage Newcastle United top from the 93′ season not that it would appear many of the crowd would know or care about the thoughtful touch.

Opening on ‘Thick and Thin’ it’s clear from the outset that they could be chanting voodoo witchcraft or knitting for 90 minutes, the subtle blend of 15 and 30 year olds in the crowd would have their phones out to capture it all the same.

As LANY begin to run through a large portion of Malibu Nights it’s difficult to escape the thought that these songs are the product of being dumped by Dua Lipa. Having such an open relationship with the internet and social media feels like it’s come full circle in instances like this.

Finishing on ‘ILYSB’ is a little sad but after a night of existential heartbreak from both lovelytheband and LANY it’s only fitting. This feels like a whistle stop tour of the UK as LANY move sharply onto bigger and brighter things, most likely never to return to cities like Newcastle again but that’s alright they’ve given an eager crowd something to hold onto.

Listen to lovelytheband here and LANY right here.

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