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Picnic’s bombastic new single ‘Wishful Drinking’


If there’s one thing I’ll say about Picnic it’s that if they haven’t made it by the end of the year, there’s justice left in pop music and that’s a fact. They’ve been around for a few years and ‘Wishful Drinking’ is part of the new foundations they’re building as a band.

Following the success of ‘Girls Night’ they’ve somehow managed to come up with a bigger and even more lively single in ‘Wishful Drinking’. The song takes on the key elements of what made 00s pop as great as it was and still is now from bits of MIKA to Texas to Natasha Bedingfield.

“The main theme of the track is regret, and drinking to forget,” says Eddie Scott, PICNIC’s guitarist/chief songwriter. “It’s a song about over-drinking to compensate for over-thinking. Obviously, we still advise that you should still drink responsibly, but remember to think responsibly too.”

Listen to ‘Wishful Drinking’ right here.

Featured Image Credit: Daniel Potts

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