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Pete Beat’s newest single ‘Billionaires’

Pete Beat comes for the fat cats on new single ‘Billionaires’. Never one to be shy, he sticks it to the man in a tongue in cheek manner asking the question: “do we really need the billionaires?”

“I wasn’t planning on releasing a single, but I wanted to showcase something new,” Pete said, “and this song seems apt at the moment.”

“Bloomberg is advising people with priceless art on their yachts to beware of flying champagne corks, while countless people are dying from lack of food, shelter or medication. Something’s wrong.”

‘Billionaires’ is sonically rich with lovingly crafted chord progressions that hark back to the music of The Beatles and 1920’s/1930’s of which Pete references as a point of major influence for him in the writing of the song.

If you want to stick it to the man with Pete then give ‘Billionaires’ a spin right here.

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