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Lucy Rose’s powerful ‘Treat Me Like a Woman’

Lucy Rose has proven herself time and time again to be one of the most powerfully understated voice in music at the moment. ‘Treat Me Like a Woman’ frames Lucy Rose in a new light.

The single is a typically acoustic number, layered with Rose’s delicate, moving vocals. Speaking on the track she said:‘”Treat Me Like A Woman’ was written one afternoon in Munich after a combination of events which pushed me to think about the way people interact with me purely based on my gender.”

“I’ve often thought things like, ‘Would that have happened to me if I was a man?’ and a feeling of lack of respect at times purely because I’m a woman. For a long time I’ve been unable to express these thoughts, almost scared of what they mean and worried that I would start a battle I wouldn’t be able to finish.”

Lucy Rose has a way of articulating thoughts that really works here to express her thoughts in a way that whilst entirely vulnerable, doesn’t make her appear weak or feeble.

‘Treat Me Like a Woman’ comes from Lucy Rose’s fourth studio album No Words Left. Listen to ‘Treat Me Like a Woman’ right here.

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