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Indoor Pets’ sublime debut ‘Be Content’


Indoor Pets are home to the weird, the wonderful, the quirky and the thick rimmed glasses lovers of the world. The band have a reputation for being left of centre, always just a little bit of not what you expected. Combining indie and pop punk in such a way as has never taken off before, they’re a force to be reckoned with at the moment, as Be Content proves.

The way that Be Content is set across a city with single artwork focusing in on certain parts of town is a nice, subtle nod to the ‘this town sucks’ pop punk trope, reclaiming and embracing the heavy influence on the band.

Opener ‘Hi’ reaches one of the biggest highs on the whole album. It’s bittersweet euphoria is difficult to match, but ‘Spill (My Guts)’ comes toe to toe for lyrical content. In terms of narrative Be Content is a beast to figure out, Jamie Glass has no issue expressing himself and he’s not one to mince his words but there’s no solutions to the problems.

It’s no doubt for the best that Be Content is as impressive a debut as it is because by just looking at Jamie Glass with his eccentric taste in clothing, floppy black hair and thick rimmed glasses, you can tell he wasn’t meant for normal living. If you can’t picture it, think if Hugh Grant was a bit more into American Football.

The foundations laid in ‘All My Friends’ and ‘So Soon’ have been built into the whole city of Be Content and no doubt as Indoor Pets’ horizons expand they will continue doing what they do best, being strange. Listen to Be Content right here.

Featured Image Credit: Felicity Davies

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