Anteros are out of this world on debut album When We Land

The first thing anyone’s been able to say about this album is that it’s been a long time coming. Anteros have done their shift of support slots, opening festival stages and now is there time to come to the forefront with When We Land.

Anteros have the charm of a front woman, Laura Hayden, that sings like sings like Debbie Harry and acts like Stevie Nicks. Like the enigmatic front woman she emanates, Hayden has an incredibly talented band beside her to propel the music to new heights.

Opening on ‘Call You Mother’ is a calculated move that makes it clear that Anteros have departed from a big chunk of their old sound. Singles like ‘Drive On’ show that the band opting for slicker beats and leaving behind more guitar driven songs like ‘Bonnie’ that first pulled in a lot of fans.

Arguably the band’s most well known song ‘Breakfast’ has had a facelift. There’s always the worry trying to strike a balance between making singles that can be in this case three years old, fit into the album’s sound versus not making them sound worse than the original version. Here Anteros tread the line carefully, pulling guitars further into the fold and allowing Hayden’s vocals to become even more gravelly, channelling more PJ Harvey than Debbie Harry here.

It’s refreshing to say the least to get the viewpoint that we do on songs like ‘Wrong Side’, there seems to be a focus on pushing forward women’s perspective of becoming an adult which suddenly just drops off in early twenties as if we cease to exist after that? It’s daft, but Laura Hayden is funny, pragmatic and of course, honest on When We Land which is just what the doctor ordered.

When We Land reads like a Greatest Hits so far, it takes on a lot of new elements of what Anteros are becoming whilst also trying to catalogue what’s already been and gone. It’s a little messy round the edges, but painting inside the lines is overrated anyway.

Listen to When We Land right here.

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