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Swine Tax make demands on ‘I’d Like’


Swine Tax take a laidback approach for new single ‘I’d Like’ ahead of the launch party tonight. The Newcastle based three piece do what they do best on the single, getting laughs from their sardonic humour and astute observations on the politics of living.

Frontman Vince Lisle starts listing off his dreams from “to see Mock the Week cancelled” to “fifty quid on the meter”, and honestly he’s not wrong. As the song goes on it becomes more bleak as he realises that fighting the powers that be is pointless as nothing changes, but one can still dream.

The band take less of an abrasive approach on ‘I’d Like’ than we’ve seen on past tracks like ‘Natural Causes’ and even recent single ‘Hold Your Own’.

Listen to ‘I’d Like’ right here and if you’re about Newcastle tonight and at a loose end then head down to Star and Shadow for the launch party.

Featured Image Credit: Chris Crowder

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