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Wallows’ messy but pleasant debut ‘Nothing Happens’


The title Nothing Happens couldn’t be further from the truth for Wallows. Wallows are one of those bands that sprang out of nowhere, the first most people had heard of them was an appearance on James Corden’s Late Late Show for a performance of ‘Pictures of Girls’.

From there they went from strength to strength, quickly amassing a large audience thanks in no small part to Dylan Minette’s acting success in 13 Reasons Why, the band’s television performances and one infamous video of them covering indie classic ‘This Charming Man’.

Knowing this information there’s a margin for doubt in which you have to wonder exactly how much time the band have had to hone their sound after all, just looking between ‘Pictures of Girls’ and ‘Are You Bored Yet?’ there’s already a huge jump.

‘Sidelines’ and ‘Remember When’ try to bridge the gap between big numbers like ‘Are You Bored Yet?’ and ‘Treacherous Doctor’ and lyrically they do but sonically there isn’t the cohesion they were so clearly looking for.

Songs like ‘Remember When’ and ‘Ice Cold Pool’ clearly come from a British influence, sounding like a second wave of US bands replicating styles of classic British indie that came about with The Strokes and The Killers.

For a band that claimed in an interview with Earmilk to be: “album focused”, Nothing Happens doesn’t feel like a cohesive body of work. They went on to say “we really care about our albums as bodies of work and it’s really boring when bands, even bands that we love, release their new album and it sounds like a repeat of what they’ve already done.”

Perhaps with time Wallows will grow into a sound that feels more unified, but for now Nothing Happens is pulling in too many directions.

Listen to Nothing Happens right here.

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