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Local heroes, FEVA, have stepped up to the plate on their most recent single ‘Undone’ and with so many exciting things on the horizon, namely festivals such as This is Tomorrow and Hit the North. With all this ahead it seemed only right to stop them for a chat about life in FEVA.

First things first, how did ‘Undone’ come about?

‘Undone’ was kind of a hybrid between two songs myself (Sam) & Gibbo were working on. I had the intro lyrics and melody but was struggling to move it past there, then Gibbo sent me this really catchy guitar part for the chorus and I tried to put the lyrics and melody to it in the same theme I had written the intro. 

It all came together very quickly after that, it happens a lot like that. We do a lot of voice recordings on phones and send them around to each other and build a lot of our songs up that way or we write music at practice then I go away and write lyrics and melodies to go over the top.

What kind of music were you listening to as it was being written/made?

It’s hard to pin point exactly what we were listening to as it was a good few months ago when we wrote it and we’re constantly listening to lots of music. When I’m struggling lyrically I always tend to drift towards anything Alex Turner’s has done as I just think he’s so far ahead of most modern songwriters/lyricists.

Newer singles like ‘Undone’ and ‘Uneasy’ move away from the sound you cultivated on a couple of older tracks like ‘Makin Waves’, is it a deliberate move into a heavier sound or has it happened naturally?

We always wanted to make heavier music, I genuinely think that in terms of melodies and lyrics ‘Makin Waves’ is one of the better songs I’ve written but it was a bit of sideways step from us musically. We’re definitely heading to where we want to be now.

Have you considered officially putting out some of the older demos like ‘My Woman’ that you have on SoundCloud? or revamping them at all?

‘My Woman’ has come back into our live show since our last headliner (at KU Bar as part of Independent Venue Week) and is taking some shifting, so it may make an appearance in the future, who knows?!

You’ve just come off tour with The Pale White, how was that?

Probably the best two weeks of our lives, all of the shows were virtually sold out and just getting to spend two weeks on the road with our best mates is something that doesn’t happen very often. We are beyond grateful that The Pale White took the punt and took us with them.

What’s your best tour story?

There’s far too many to tell/they’re probably not to be shared with the public.

You’ve also got a busy time ahead with festivals like Stockton Calling, Hit the North and This is Tomorrow coming up, do things like this keep you focused as a band?

Yes, without a doubt, they keep you buzzed. They really motivated us to just keep writing better tunes and putting better and better live shows on. We’ve definitely noticed a big jump in productivity since we’ve come back off tour, new songs are coming thick and fast which is exactly what we need right now.

What can we expect from these festival dates?

We’ll just be doing our utmost to showcase ourselves to potential new fans and show people what we do, that we belong on these big stages. Our live sets are very high energy and we firmly believe we’re up there with the best up and coming live bands.

What’s the plan for the rest of 2019?

As you mentioned, we have a string of festival appearances through the summer. We’re currently writing new tunes and may release an EP later in the year alongside a big hometown show, we’re hoping we can pick up another tour in the autumn too, that would be perfect.

Listen to FEVA right here and get stuck in before festival season kicks off.

Featured Image: Daniel Stark

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