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Club Paradise’s synth driven delight ‘Kirby Keger’


Following on from the success of their first two singles ‘Brother’ and ‘Sugar’, Club Paradise mark the start of their 2019 with ‘Kirby Keger’. The single has been a live favourite for some time now and finally comes to life today in all it’s full recording glory.

The single will complete the trilogy of artwork, which when linked form one big panorama of a fictional city. ‘Kirby Keger’ also follows on from the other two singles sonically, taking on the band’s pop ambitions and indie knowhow.

‘Kirby Keger’ shows more of the promise that Club Paradise hold in their live show, demonstrating both the restraint of the verse and then the crashing relief of the chorus sweeping in. It’s clear why this is a fan favourite.

When talking about the single, the band explain: “There’s a particular line in the film which that resonates with what we did with this track, it’s the notion of nostalgia when Kirby Keger is mid- monologue, and amongst a trail of memories he says: “Remember that big fountain, the one on main campus that said knowledge, art, religion, life?” That sentiment just draws perfectly with what’s behind the song.”

Listen to ‘Kirby Keger’ right here.

Featured Image Credit: Will Gorman

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