Picnic dance the blues away in their Ford Street finale


An incredible lineup in a beloved venue, Pillar Artists leave Little Buildings in style with a sensational final show on Ford Street.

A testament to Great Waves being such an incredible live band has to be Little Buildings already brimming by half seven on a school night, which is a rare sight to behold. They keep their cool nicely as the crowd lose theirs to a cover of ‘Lady’ which has a certain St Buryan drummer air grinding for a full four minutes. Incredible scenes.

Words once again near fail me when describing Be Quiet. Shout Loud! It’s like watching Steel Panther playing in your living room (and to be fair to them, their stage outfits and presence give Steel Panther a run for their money too.) By the time they finish there isn”t a breath of air left in the room.

At their best Picnic are upbeat, almost frantically so, through the likes of ‘I Ain’t Got No Money’ which navigates some of the worries of young adulthood without pausing for long enough to be sad about it. It’s a good way to sum up the band really, a whistle-stop tour of youthfulness. To watch them fill the stage to it’s edges just shows their synergy as a band, delivering both a musical and physical give and take.

There’s times in the night in which Little Buildings feels claustrophobic, the sheer energy that Picnic give off making the room feel even smaller as front woman Robyn Walker struts in her confined space on the stage to ‘Girl’s Night’ whilst the audience need no telling when it’s their turn to join in for the group chant. There’s a gleefully proud look on a couple of the band’s faces as a few familiar faces down the front nearly outdo Robyn’s dance moves.

As a seven piece band one may argue that Picnic look out of place on a stage such as that of Little Buildings just due to maths of it. It becomes apparent within a few minutes of their set that there’s more than just surface area to this equation, Picnic have all the signs of a band with their trajectory set high.

Listen to Great Waves here, Be Quiet. Shout Loud! here and Picnic here.

Featured Image Credit: Daniel Potts

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