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WMN Festival Preview

Rhyme are back with their biggest and most adventurous event yet, WMN Festival. The all-dayer is due to take place on the 28th April, just after their big gig at Think Tank? the night before. What better way is there to nurse a hangover than to dance it off with the best of local music?

The day will start with the sweet sounds of Sarah Connolly and Komparrison to help lull any hangovers still felt from the night before Grace Gillespie comes in with her dose of sweet sorrow. Pacer’s pop punk tunes won’t be going amiss to get the crowd really moving as the day goes on.

Salsola have a unique brand of indie that demands attention and will not doubt get it as they belt out ‘Give Me Love’ on stage. There’s also bound to be singalongs aplenty for the acoustic beauty of Tall Shaves.

We can all prepare to be taken into outer space by Talk Like Tigers who’ll deliver some out of this world synth pop. Glass Diamonds are set to give an equally mind blowing set of slick pop.

Polo are getting a name for themselves thanks to a string of infectious new singles such as ‘Death of Me’ and ‘On My End’. Picnic are sure to be one of the talking points of the day with their undeniably catchy hits.

If you’ve got any sense and are interested in coming along then be sure to grab a ticket here and have a listen to the playlist here, curated by the the good folk over at Rhyme.

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