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Orla Gartland’s raw new single ‘Flatline’

Orla Gartland comes in storming today with new single ‘Flatline’ and announcement of new EP Why Am I Like This? which is due for release on May 24th. The music video, directed by Jack Howard, has also dropped with the single.

The single follows on from the theme of strained friendships that we’ve seen before in her recent single ‘Between My Teeth’ that saw a friendship fall apart due to dependency whereas here we see an unequal power balance.

‘Flatline’ takes on a more of the elements of old singles like ‘Lonely People’ but slicker, with more confidence. Lyrically this is the most open and mature we’ve seen of Gartland yet.

New single ‘Flatline’ is, in Gartland’s own words: “A song about giving everything to a friendship and getting nothing back. I’m a fiercely loyal person, often to my detriment – I’ll do everything I can to keep someone happy, but often turn a blind eye to the reality that they wouldn’t do the same for me.”

Listen to ‘Flatline’ right here.

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