Marsicans at Think Tank?


When Marsicans hit Think Tank? on Friday night they did so with the most promising of lineups. Boasting not only Llovers and Lucia but also Abbie McCarthy on the decks between sets to keep the tempo of the night up.

Llovers opened to a receptive crowd, glad to see the Boro five piece return to Newcastle. A particular highlight of the set was golden oldie ‘Borderlands’ featuring some dreamy harmonies and lush synths. Trialing some new material mid set proved popular with the new song sounding stronger and bigger than ever.

Next up were Glaswegian outfit Lucia, if their look wasn’t bold enough then the music certainly was. Anyone wearing leather pants and a beret already has a fan in me. Front woman Lucia Fairfull was an enigma on stage, thrashing through songs like ‘Summertime’ and ‘Blueheart’ to tinge them with the punk spirit she embodies.

By the time Marsicans came out the venue was noticeably both fuller and sweatier but that appears to matter very little to the teens that crammed in even closer to the front regardless. With the weather beginning to turn as summer approaches, Marsicans were the perfect reminder of the sunny days ahead.

Tracks like ‘Suburbs and ‘Pop Ups (Sunny at the Weekend)’ were a joy to see as the crowd jumped around to the sweet melodies of the choruses that demanded a singalong. The few and far between moments of calm were needed as the band took in the sight in front of them and re-composed. Marsicans seem have their sights set on being the next quintessential summer band and they’re not far off if Friday was anything to go by.

Listen to Llovers here, Lucia here and Marsicans here.

Featured Image: Jake Haseldine

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