St Buryan triumphant Think Tank? headliner


Saturday night undoubtedly boasted one of the best lineups to be seen locally for some time. That being said, Rhyme are never ones to book a band that aren’t up to scratch. This was more than a celebration of St Buryan, it was a reaffirmation that supporting your local scene is the best thing you can do. If you don’t believe in local or live music then you’re looking in the wrong places.

The likably lively band offered something slightly different in 2019. In a city where the music scene is dominated by indie, it would be easy for Kahuna to shy away into something more fitting, especially knowing they were sharing a stage with two of the most popular bands in said scene, but they didn’t. They stuck to their signature ska sound with pride.

Kahuna delivered an unashamedly bold set that saw them burst from the stage full of life. They performed a meticulously well put together selection of songs that looked carefree as the six piece danced their way through Think Tank?

If Kahuna had the crowd looking lively then Club Paradise had them near enough bouncing off the walls. Opening on their most recent release ‘Kirby Keger’, the four piece took off to a flying start. 

By the time they played unreleased material such as ‘Surfacing’ and ‘Honey’ it felt claustrophobic, as if they were already performing songs for bigger venues than the likes of Think Tank? Ending on their debut single ‘Brother’, the band pivot into the final chorus with a final flourish of roaring vocals and massive riffs all round.

St Buryan. The boys. They came out with no gimmicks, just launching straight into their set that was laden with everything from hidden gems, massive new singles and even newer unreleased material. 

Fan favourites like ‘Lucid’ saw bodies beginning to move once again. The two new songs in the set gave hints the the future of St Buryan’s sound and it appears to be headed in the same direction and the sing-it-out-loud-and-dance-til-you-drop style of ‘Giving In’.

A cover of All American Rejects’ classic ‘Gives You Hell’ went down a storm. Was it the pop punk nostalgia that made it so popular? Was it the Club Paradise stage invasion? Or was it Club Paradise’s guitarists’ mis-timed “gives you hell” at the end? Who knows, but it was exceptional. 

Later on a stripped back version of ‘Amaretto’ proved St Buryan’s skill in being able to go between 0 and 100 with ease and then back again for ‘Giving In’. When frontman Ben Mackett sang “what a rush” he wasn’t kidding, the chorus of ‘Giving In’ proved itself to be quite the earworm as the word were belted back at the band with quite some ferocity by this point in the evening. 

Ending on their debut release ‘Everything I Said’ felt like a fitting finale to a show celebrating how far St Buryan have come the past few months and years. It also looks forward to their bright future. Mon the Buryan.

Listen to St Buryan here, Club Paradise here and Kahuna here.

Featured Image Credit: Will Gorman

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