WMN Festival makes it’s debut in style


Hangovers permitted, day two of the Rhyme weekend extravaganza was nothing short of an incredible success. WMN Festival boasted a lineup of acts that seemed too good to be true, featuring some of the best pop, indie and folk that the region (and beyond) has to offer.

Arriving a little late due to aforementioned hangovers, being greeted by the sweet sound of Grace Gillespie felt like a godsend. New tracks such as ‘Human (Heart)’ an unreleased track about an Irish beach felt smooth and sincere whilst the audience swayed to the other worldly quality of her voice. 

Despite early technical difficulties Pacer laughed off all issues to up the tempo whilst Salsola delivered thick layers of sound, cut through only by lead singer, Vicky Wright’s strong vocals. Their brisk folky indie tones of ‘Embers’ was one of the highlights of the day.

Tall Shaves arrived with a full band and infectious melodies that hark back to Of Monsters and Men’s debut album My Head Is An Animal. As the set went on the songs get more and more lively until their impressive finale that saw the crowd become fully invested in the duo’s quirky indie folk.

A change of pace swept by in the form of Talk Like Tigers, an electropop duo that looked like The Shining twins all grown up. Glass Diamonds appeared to have nothing but pure simple fun on stage, despite their songs being anything but simple. The band were bright, their fun clearly infectious as everyone in the room got into their performance.

Picnic were everyone’s chance to really get up and dance for the evening and oh boy did the crowd take that opportunity. Boogie-ing their way through the set, the seven piece packed a punch as they always do, with their most recent release ‘Wishful Drinking’ going down particularly well.

The headliners, Polo, were bold both in attire and in music, two of the members clad in red and blue patten leather trench coats. Their sound was equally as slick, transforming the basement of Head of Steam on a Sunday night into something far more tropical with big beats like that of ‘On My End’.

WMN 2020, anyone?

Featured Image Credit: Will Gorman

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