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Motel Carnation’s hazy debut ‘Saul’


Motel Carnation put their best foot forward for their debut single, ‘Saul’, released today. Made up of members of Deep.Sleep, Scalesia and Coquin Migale, Motel Carnation are living proof that a whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts, bringing together some of the North East finest talent.

A slick and deceptively elegant morse pattern sees the intro delve into sultry, intricate pop. It develops with glimmers of Foals’ Holy Fire quirk whilst remaining quietly reserved as the vocals come creeping in. By the time the chorus comes around ‘Saul’ stops tip-toeing and comes out of the haze.

Frontman Alexander Soper channels his experiences of treading the line between love and lust in the single: “This is a love song outlining ones passionate and intense love for another which is only returned at the lover’s convenience. “

“I’ve both witnessed and been a part of these relationships wherein which you would do anything for your partner to find it is often unreciprocated. The song examines love, lust, and passion – a sexual relationship that fails to hold much sincerity or companionship.”

Listen to ‘Saul’ right here, and be sure to show Motel Carnation some love on their socials.

Featured Image Credit: Cameron Craggs

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  1. Great song! They remind me a bit of Glass Animals too.

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