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Motel Carnation’s summer jam ‘Westside’


Motel Carnation come in with the sweeping summer tune ‘Westside’ and just in time for the heatwave we’re in the middle of. After the sultry Foals-eqsue allure of their debut ‘Saul’, the band set off into new territory and just in time for their first outing as Motel Carnation on Saturday at Head of Steam. 

Whilst ‘Westside’ is equally as slick as ‘Saul, it has a tropical element to it that we haven’t seen from the band before. Seemingly ever-growing, the track builds itself into a beast over the course of three and a half minutes. It breaks itself right down in the final chorus to then come back a with a final roar, an apt metaphor for the song’s meaning.

Arranged like an earthquake, the lyrical content of ‘Westside’ sits firm at the epicentre whilst crashing waves of noise coming from the guitars, bass and drums ring out around them.

 When talking about the story behind “Westside’ Alex said: “We took an honest and introspective look at our past experiences, addressing the idea of expectation vs reality within the industry and what it means to become “that” band. We explored the notion that perhaps the grass isn’t always greener but we wanted to celebrate the achievements of those around us as well as address the not so positive points when people often get caught up in it all.”

Whilst there’s no tickets left for their headline show on Saturday, anyone who missed out is welcome to stand outside Head of Steam with a can and pretend they’re inside, trying not to cry. Listen to ‘Westside’ right here.

Photo Credit: Cameron Craggs

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