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PREMIERE: Great Waves with ‘Said Too Much’

We’re serving up a healthy dose of indie pop goodness just in time for you to learn the lyrics to be belting out over the weekend. Take it away, Great Waves….

Great Waves break into 2019 with the upbeat and funky single, ‘Said Too Much’. Not only is this the band’s first release of the year but also the first since welcoming new drummer, Dan, who’s formerly of The Lake Poets.

The single is a live favourite and particularly a Peanut Mixtape one after having heard it when the band played Little Buildings back in rainy March, so naturally it only sounds better in the sunshine of the summer. 

“‘Said Too Much’ is a quintessential love song,” explains Khyle Fryer, the band’s frontman, going on to say that “it’s a song about being so enamoured with someone that you feel you’d do anything for them, but you’re not sure if you’re being a little full-on?”

If there’s one this for sure is that we’re as into Great Waves as they are in the song. Or maybe we’ve said too much? 

Regardless, ‘Said Too Much’ is available on all streaming platforms at midnight.

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