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Hector Gannet releases new single ‘Dead Nag’

Hector Gannet make headway with their new single ‘Dead Nag’. The band have already impressed with their previous two singles, the expansive ‘The Haven of St Aidan’s’ and indie folk of ‘All Hail, All Glory’ but this newest one is their best to date.

Telling stories drenched in local history, Hector Gannet are a band that are clearly proud to be from the North East. Everything from their artwork, the ruins of Tynemouth Priory, cliffs of the North East coastline and most recently black and white footage of the shipyards playing over their sold out show at The Cluny 2, shows their roots.

In an interview about the song, frontman Aaron Duff said ‘Dead Nag’ is “about the ‘choices’ we’re given, the gamble we take and the trust we blindly invest in leaders. 

“It’s backing a horse without form, and about the rebranding of old ways, with campaign slogans designed to tug on the public’s emotions, masking the true motives of those who have no concept of how ordinary people live or what effect their actions have on ordinary lives.”

You can listen to ‘Dead Nag’ here and see Hector Gannet live across a load of North East shows in the coming months, including Hit the North festival.

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