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Llovers bring back golden oldie ‘Feeling Sound’

After a brief trip away for sun, sand and relaxation, one of Llovers’ first releases has returned to streaming services sounding revitalised. This is a revamp so good, even George Clarke would be impressed.

‘Feeling Sound’ has come back with all of the bounce and playfulness of the original with the addition of more mature elements that you could find on the band’s debut EP Things That I Don’t Understand.

‘Feeling Sound’ comes as a quick follow up to their debut EP and as part of Llovers’ sophomore EP I Don’t Wanna Be Alone which has been announced to today alongside the single. With live shows including Zuzu in Newcastle and Stockton Calling, these are sure to be a busy few months for Llovers.

Discussing the rejuvenation of the song, co-frontman Jack Brooks explained: “’Feeling Sound’ was one of the first songs written as Llovers. It’s about fickle opinions, insecurities and the desire to gloss over them with this idea of ‘Feeling Sound’, a term used in the North East for ‘feeling good’”.

You can listen to ‘Feeling Sound’ right here.

Photo Credit: Milly Hutchcraft

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