St Buryan’s big comeback with ‘Tell Me’

I’ve seen so many marketing things go wrong I don’t even know who started telephones and cyan blue at this point. Was is Biffy Clyro? Dancing on Tables? PICNIC? Who knows, but one thing for sure is that St Buryan have well and truly styled it out.

Telling the age old story of the bootycall gone wrong, ‘Tell Me’ is St. Buryan at their best. After 2019’s exceptionally good singles in the form of ‘Breathe Deep’ and ‘Giving In’, the band have built on that success to really embrace both the pop and the pop-punk roots they’ve laid down.

The single moves more into pop territory than anything with some sweet sounding synths and a bass line so good crowds sing along to it sometimes (courtesy of new bass player, Jacob Mallon). The lyrics and frontman Ben Mackett’s vocals still remain just as Kerrang worthy as St Buryan even have been.

You can check out ‘Tell Me’ right here and see them supporting Dancing on Tables, their telephone buddies, at Think Tank? Underground on 11th March.

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