Sleeptape gear up for Westgarth headliner with new single ‘NO’

After having taken a well deserved break after their November mini tour and EP release, Sleeptape are making their grand return with new single ‘NO’ and a headliner at Westgarth Social Club on Friday.

Sleeptape have return with more of an indie sensibility about them, leaning further towards the likes of Foals and White Lies than more out and out rock bands like Queens of the Stone Age that could be heard in previous singles like ‘Increments’.

Talking about the single, the band have said: “‘NO’ is due to kickstart our next chapter as a band with it being our first release since parting ways with our old bass player on good terms in November and bringing in Stephen.”

“‘NO’ is a song about feeling as if you’re running out of time to achieve what you want to, whilst struggling to cope with the noises and thoughts in your head of inadequacy.”

Listen to ‘NO’ here.

Photo: Daniel Stark

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