PICNIC’s joy-filled headliner at Riverside

When PICNIC said ‘take me to every party’ in their most recent single ‘I Need Everybody’, I didn’t realise this meant they’d been taking notes at each of these said parties to come up with the ultimate party. 

Walking into Riverside, there’s a party bag greeting each guest. They’re equip with a party hat, confetti, stickers, a party poppers and sweets. Later on in the show there’s a t-shirt gun, confetti canons and free cans for half the front row. PICNIC know how to plan a party. 

I’ve never seen Riverside 2 so full both of people and of energy. By the time PICNIC come on it’s packed out and everybody’s nearly taking an eye out with their parties hats every time they try to have a dance. It’s a small price to pay for the fun everyone’s having.

The set is full of everything old, new and unreleased. Opening on ‘Caviar’ they expertly move through it, working in perfect symbiosis. ‘Girls Night’ comes early and warms up the audience nicely with the crowd chants of the song’s title in the chorus. 

PICNIC even treat the audience to a new song ‘I Can’t Stop’ which shows off the whole band’s range of skill. Not short of surprises, the band cover Vanessa Carlton’s ‘A Thousand Miles’ with added brass section. 

The big finale comes in the form of ‘Wishful Drinking’ during which cans are handed out to half of the front row. The fans (and friends alike) take their que crack them open at the end, in fitting with the studio version. You barely hear it for all the whooping, cheering and applause that the band drink in, (rightfully) proud of what they have achieved over the past hour.

If the news will have you believe that this might be the end of the world then this was one hell of a way to go out.

You can stream ‘I Need Everybody’ here.

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