Liner Notes: Volume 2 on Hold

Hi, I hope that this blog post has found you well!

I might’ve nicked this from my wonderful mate Adam (SoundGood Blog for all you budding blog stans out there), who might’ve also nicked it from Pitchfork? but what’s life without a little fraud to keep it spicy?

This is the craic with what happening with Peanut Mixtape’s print edition. Volume 2 had a lot of content lined up and was due to go to print this week and be out next Friday. Obviously that’s no longer the case.

With a large proportion of the content being cancelled or changed drastically, I’ve taken the decision to embrace the shitshow of a situation we’re in for what it is and make a double feature Volume 2 due out in August, when Volume 3 should’ve been out.

Volume 2 is now going to be a celebration of the ways we’ve, both locally here in the North East and all over the world, found ways to get around the physical barriers now put up around us and continue to share the music that we love.

All our articles will still be going up online as usual as no one should be getting priced out of content at times like this. Though at times like this when there’s lots of talk of major newspapers going bust and being on the brink, I would like to remind you not to buy The Sun. Or The Mirror. Or anything owned by Rupert Murdoch where it can be helped.

This is a pivotal time for journalism, less than 3 months after Caroline Flack killed herself and the media onslaught that ensued, don’t forget what the tabloids will do to sell papers. Vote with your feet and make your voice heard. Keep unbiased, high quality journalism that you believe in alive and settle for no less than the absolute truth.

Obviously Peanut Mixtape isn’t even a speck of dust in the galaxy that is publication in the UK, but meeting our ethical and fair guidelines is important no matter publication size. Peanut Mixtape holds itself to the first BBC Director General’s principles. We aim to inform, educate and entertain.

We’re still always looking for new contributors, so if you’ve got the time and energy to spare, drop a message and fill in some of those seemingly never-ending hours of the day. Actually, just drop a message if you fancy a chat too, I’m always about and usually bored.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I felt being completely transparent with the small audience I’m lucky to have was the best course of action rather than mysterious ‘unforeseen circumstances’, after all we are all in this together, now more than ever.

If you’ve got questions, new music or anything at all that deserves to be shouted about, my DMs and emails are always open.

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