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Some Nice Songs

Dunno if anyone else noticed but there’s a pandemic going on? In one way, lockdown has be useful, it’s meant we can finally get round to catching up on what’s been going down with local music. Here’s some of the best of what we’ve missed, all packaged up into a neat playlist with some bonus goodies. Everything else of what you’ve missed will be coming for the rest of the week’s content. How convenient!

If you haven’t listened to Jodie Nicholson’s debut album Golden Hour, then first of all, you’re missing out big time and secondly, you won’t have seen that she has a kickstarter going for a vinyl run of the wonderful album.

Golden Hour is beautiful, delicate and perfectly balanced. It’s a quiet reflection on life as she knows it. If you’re interested, don’t hang about there’s only 3 days left to bag a physical copy of this incredible album.

Me Lost Me has released a new, aptly named, single ‘The End of the World’ that plays on her distinctly quirky style. With haunting vocals, spooky lyrics and unconventional way of layering effects and instruments, this is both a memorable release that demands to spun more than once, and one that speaks to our current situation.

More recently the boys in Motel Carnation have put out a wonderful cover (if you can even call it a cover) of Oasis’ ‘Live Forever’ in the style of The Weeknd. The single has been done as part of a project by the good folk over at Tipping Point. The song has been so expertly rearranged it feels like a disservice to Motel Carnation to even call it a cover, ‘Live Forever’ is truly their own now.

And finally, we’ve seen some wonderful live streaming events across the North East. Causes and promoters and artists alike have banded together and now everyone’s online gig schedule is looking just as rammed as it would’ve done on a normal week before we couldn’t go outside.

It’s easy to call all these livestreams an oversaturation or even a bandwagon to jump on, but the reality is there’d be just as many gigs on if not more every night somewhere in the North East and beyond. Whilst people are still watching/listening/enjoying, there’s no reason to stop putting out content. As Ghost//Signals once said, love what you like. I’m sure they obviously wrote that about watching live streams in a pandemic.

The newest playlist with some lovely bits and bobs is available right here. To catch up with the craic about Volume 2 and why you shouldn’t buy The Sun, have a wee look here.

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