Be Quiet, Shout Loud!’s disco fabulous single ‘Lifeline’

In these trying times, there’s nothing like a nice funky bit of disco to cheer you up. That’s where Be Quiet, Shout Loud! come into it, their newest single ‘Lifeline’ is just the dancing number you need.

The single is the second release, following ‘(Til’ The Weekend) Comes Around Again’ from an LP due to be released in the coming months. There are exciting times ahead for the band as this is shaping up to be their biggest release to date.

It follows on from Be Quiet, Shout Loud!’s fascination with the 80s that you can hear in previous releases, they take on some of the best of the era and somehow make it sound brand new. The way that ‘Lifeline’ has been crafted, it sounds like your favourite song before you’ve even finished the first listen.

Be Quiet, Shout Loud’s singer Jake Radio, has also been doing livestreams from time to time so be sure to keep up with the band’s social media and make sure you don’t miss the next one.

Listen to ‘Lifeline’ right here.

Photo: Darran Moore Photography

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