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Callum Pitt’s energetic new single ‘Out of the Trees’

Callum Pitt comes today with a new release in the form of ‘Out of the Trees’. It’s his first single of 2020 and sees Callum tackle the difficult subject of vulnerable people as we’ve seen him do before on the likes of ‘Forgotten Kids’ with great tact and sincerity.

About the single he said: “[It’s] a song I originally wrote after reading about Jim Jones, and the Jonestown Massacre. I wanted to touch upon the subject of cult leaders, their exploitation of vulnerable people and why it’s so tempting and comforting to believe that someone has all the answers.”

“It turned more into a song about the ways that I’ve come to terms with mortality and the shortness of life, and seeing positives, like the fact it makes the time we do have more meaningful.”

From the first minute ‘Out of the Trees’ has an energy that propels it completely separate from Callum’s easily recognisable vocal. This is the first Callum Pitt single to feature a second vocalist and these female vocals, supplied by band member Annie Griffiths, really lift the chorus to the next level.

You can listen to ‘Out of the Trees’ right here, and follow Callum Pitt on his socials to keep up with his (COVID-19 pending) big year ahead.

Photo Credit: Daniel Stark

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