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St. Buryan’s spritely breakup anthem ‘How Could I Know?’

If a Kerrang band and a NME band had a baby, it’d come out as St. Buryan. Their most recent release ‘How Could I Know?’ only furthers their appeal as that toes the line between pop punk and indie, often straying into indie territory more recently.

If you’re a regular around the Newcastle gig scene you’ll have heard this one before, St. Buryan have been playing ‘How Could I Know?’ for a little while, to great fanfair. The single is energetic, playful and I don’t care if it’s about a breakup its the sound of my summer.

Talking about the single the band have said “essentially, ‘How Could I Know?’ is a love song crafted at the climax of an ending relationship, but one that probes the perspective of the heart-breaker, rather than the heartbroken, and the toils/torment that can flow through the head when making such a decision.”

Stream ‘How Could I Know?’ here and get a load of their snazzy gifs on their socials.

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