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Joe Ramsey with emotive single ‘The Hardest Part’

After a string of impressive releases, Joe Ramsey has put out the most recent of the series ‘The Hardest Part’, last week. The single is another step forward for the Teessider as he makes strides both in and outside of the North East.

Joe Ramsey’s progression is evident in listening to ‘The Hardest Part’ and his other 2020 single ‘Fork in the Road’. His songwriting comes with a tact and thoughtful nature that can only be gained with time and experience.

Speaking about the song he said: “Written about how the beginning of; a relationship, a new job, anything that is a fresh part of your life, can be the most challenging aspect, this song relates to all situations and how running away from it is the worst thing you can do.”

Listen to ‘The Hardest Part’ right here and keep up with Joe on his socials for upcoming lockdown gigs.

Photo: Will Gorman

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