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Ice Road Trucker’s debut EP ‘Voice Notes and Angela’

Lockdown projects have the potential to be questionable. Is this avante garde short film I’ve made about a love affair between my toothbrush and the floss actually decent or have I just not seen another person in 10 weeks now? I don’t know. But I do know Voice Notes and Angela is a wonderful lockdown project that I couldn’t be more thankful for finding the light of day.

Ice Road Trucker is the moniker of Eddie Scott, who you may recognise as the guitarist and songwriter in PICNIC. He opens on ‘Beff Jezos’, a lament on the super mega rich and how absurd it is that we can’t be like them. It’s a got a good balance of wit and serious appeal, not tipping itself into the comedy genre whilst poking fun at himself as well as billionaires.

Moving through ‘Brudenell Beyonce’ and ‘Catheter’, and ‘Angela’ the funny side is dropped for more honest, brutally so, accounts of love and it’s effects. Eddie has a knack for putting these seemingly simple ideas in new lights and changing the story. Unfortunately for Eddie he seems to know heartbreak all too well with the expert way these songs have been written.

Voice Notes and Angela is both the exploration of a clearly very talented songwriter, but also a peak behind the curtain of the PICNIC’s musical brains. If this is just what he can do with voice notes and spare time, Eddie may very well be rich and famous in ten years.

You can listen to Voice Notes and Angela right here.

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