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Ula Lovell’s dreamy debut ‘Cherry’

Ula Lovell may be a new artist but she’s come out fully formed on her debut single ‘Cherry’.

The track opens on a gentle buzz of synths that feel fuzzy round the edges. The lyrics are haunting at times, when twinned with echoing vocals it only adds to the fuzzy feeling. It makes sense to know that the song was written about Lovell’s dreams.

Despite ‘Cherry’ only being a debut single, Lovell, with the help of a backing band, has set her sights high and made an expansive dreamlike soundscape. The song toes the line between darkness and blissfulness, depending on how you interpret it. I like to think it’s somewhere a little darker. Perhaps future releases shall help us delve deeper into the world Ula Lovell has created on this single.

You can listen to ‘Cherry’ right here.

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