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Docksuns’ new summer single ‘Dancing on the Radio’

Docksuns are a five piece Mackem band, so named because they’re the literal sons of the Sunderland docks and their heritage. They’re so proud of their roots that they plan to be playing Glastonbury whilst repping the Black Cats, and ‘Dancing on the Radio’ is on the way to getting them to Glastonbury.

The single is a slick indie number with a steely attitude that has seen bands the likes Blossoms and Vistas accelerate past their peers. ‘Dancing on the Radio’ is summery, which also serves as a reminder of the festivals cancelled this year. There’s no doubt in my mind Docksuns will be hammering the festival circuit this time next year though if ‘Dancing on the Radio’ is anything to go by.

Dancing on the Radio tells the story of an ex who became a popstar, we’ve been told. The band, don’t deny or confirm the existence of such an ex, but the track provides plenty of ideas as to how they’d cope with such a situation should it arise.

You can listen to ‘Dancing on the Radio’ right here.

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