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Be Quiet Shout Loud get us dancing with ‘Inside a Disco Dream’

Teesside’s favourite glam rock prodigies have released the fourth single from their debut album today, ‘Inside a Disco Dream’. The five-piece have been gradually building up both the hype and the expectation for this album with a string of excellent singles including the synth-driven ‘Take Me to Electric Town’ and riff-heavy ‘(Til The Weekend) Comes Around Again’.

Opening stark with singer, Jake Radio’s passionate vocals, and a ghostly synth, it builds to just the disco dream they promise in the title. They channel disco whilst making it feel contemporary with their glam rock sensibility. With the range they’ve shown across the first four singles, it’s exciting to think what hidden gems will be waiting on the album.

It’s easy to see why everyone loves Be Quiet. Shout Loud!, it’s near impossible to sit still when listening to them. Just sitting for long enough to write this review is painful when their singles are playing. I know down the front at a BQSL show will be one of the first places you’ll find me when lockdown ends. I would suggest anyone reading joins me.

You can stream ‘Inside a Disco Dream’ right here.

Photo Credit: Darran Moore Photography

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