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The Battles of Winter make their return on ‘Block S Falls’

The Battles of Winter return, four years after their last release, with new single ‘Block S Falls’. The London based band have never been prolific but quality easily overtakes quantity here.

The single is unrelenting, favouring a chugging bassline over flashy guitar parts, leaving all the attention to fall on bassist Graeme Dinning’s clever lyricism. He paints a picture and he does it well, conjuring images of falling empires and cities left to ruin. Very apt descriptions for current times.

‘Block S Falls’ harks back to the golden age of critically acclaimed indie, The Battles of Winter channeling the likes of Interpol and Editors. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though, with The Battles of Winter demos going back as far as 2005, when such artists as Interpol/Editors were coming up.

You can listen to ‘Block S Falls’ right here.

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