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ZELA offer a stark confession on ‘I Think I Might’ve Killed Someone’

Though they may not have been around long under their new moniker, ZELA are already making waves in the North East. It’s easy to see why they’ve gotten so far so quickly upon giving either of their first two singles a listen. Their third, ‘I Think I Might’ve Killed Someone’ will push them to even higher heights.

The sibling duo are far from strangers on the scene, having been raised in a musical environment and creating together for years. Speaking about this single, ‘I Think I Might’ve Killed Someone’ Liv said: “This song digs deep into the darkest corners of my brain, it’s the most exposed I’ve ever written.”

“It was maddening to write, it felt like a discovery and a finale all in one by the time the song was finished. I’m so in love with this song in such a disturbing way. It reminds me of the dark place I was in when I wrote it, but also reminds me of the power I have to overcome that darkness; in this instance, my recovery began by expressing my feelings through this song.”

The single is slick, every bit of space in the track is spoken for, leaving no place for errors. Max’s expert production melts into Liv’s emotive vocals to make a single that is complete, unadulterated, guilt-free pop. 

You can listen to ‘I Think I Might’ve Killed Someone’ right here. And I really really recommend that you do. 

Photo Credit: Brian Nicholson

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