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Danny Violet’s industrial pop single ‘Animate Me’

Danny Violet may be a newcomer but he’s quick out the blocks with his debut single ‘Animate Me’. Violet’s music has come entirely to fruition during lockdown, this single having been written, recorded and produced from his basement home studio setup.

He explains that “Animate Me is based on the story of a man falling in love with a cartoon, driven to insanity over his obsession with the fictional character. The song uses the narrative to comment on society’s addiction to quick content, and our ever-shortening attention span.”

Violet expertly mixes harsh electronic sounds with smooth vocals to meet in the middle, in a sort of industrial pop sound that fits the almost dystopian ideas discussed in the lyrics. He’s set the bar high for his first release and I can’t wait to see where Danny Violet goes next.

You can listen to ‘Animate Me’ right here.

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