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Club Paradise talk changing times on new single ‘Growing Up’

Club Paradise return today with the follow up to their incredible single ‘Teenagers’, released in February. After the roaring success of their sold out show at Cobalt, in the last days of blissful unawareness of the oncoming pandemic, they’re keeping the momentum up with ‘Growing Up’.

The single is about the challenges of adult life, frontman Ryan Young explains: “‘Growing Up’ isn’t just about physically getting older, but about how times have changed. It’s about how disposable everything has become, whether that’s music or memories – it’s rare we hold and cherish these things physically anymore.”

‘Growing Up’ is easily Club Paradise’s biggest song yet, not just from the expansive sound but the roaring chorus and Sam’s Town era Killers vibe. This is the band at their best. Though it may have been recorded entirely in isolation, ‘Growing Up’ is the most cohesive Club Paradise single to date. It may be a while until we can hear this one live, but rest assured it’ll be worth the wait.

You can listen to ‘Growing Up’ right here.

Photo: Will Gorman

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