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Callum Pitt releases indie folk bliss in the form of ‘Fault Lines’

Callum Pitt continues his winning streak with the newest addition to his catalogue, ‘Fault Lines’. He has made a name for himself through his Americana tinged indie that somehow maintains an English sensibility too.

Perhaps the most impressive bit of this single is that Callum attempted the kintsugi in the artwork himself. It’s an apt visual for the single and the divides he talks about in the lyrics. To come together again we must acknowledge what divided us in the past and remember how to heal.

This follows on from the dark themes of his previous single ‘Out of the Trees’, that examined cult leaders and the comfort of having something to believe in. ‘Fault Lines’ feels like a spiritual successor of that. Pitt explains that this single is about polarisation and incited hatred via the British right-wing press.

He explains the origins as “[the single] is directed at the British government and right-wing press who have incited hatred and division in the public through their rhetoric over the past few years in particular, splitting us down the middle as ‘leavers’ or ‘remainers’, demonising immigrants and refugees and allowing the stain of white supremacy to spread. It encourages ignorance and prejudice to be met with education and conversation.”

Callum Pitt proves himself time and time again as as not only an incredible artist but also as a talented storyteller. If the third single in this series is anything like ‘Out of the Trees’ or ‘Fault Lines’ we’re in for a treat.

You can listen to ‘Fault Lines’ right here.

Photo: Daniel Stark

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  1. Nice write-up. I just reviewed this lovely song too this past week.

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