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Archipelago’s triumphant live video for ‘Waiting’

Archipelago are a North East based three piece, who it would be pointless to try and tie down to a single genre. The band met under circumstances that they self describe as “mutant funeral big band jazz” and honestly it makes sense. The trio have recently released a live video of the song ‘Waiting’.

‘Waiting’ is a song described by the band as “about feeling like your world has changed beyond recognition and capturing the surreal nature of that.” Using direct examples like ‘whales can talk’ they create vivid pictures of these subversive scenes.

There’s an added weight to the idea of the world turned on it’s head as of right now and ‘Waiting’ lends itself to the real world more than ever at the moment (even it was beginning to be written 2 years ago).

The video uses tricoloured lights (red, yellow and blue) and this use of primary colours is a nice way of illustrating the ideas laid out in the song. These colours are the beginning yet they seem to merge more as the camera zooms to each member of the band, illustrating the messy nature of life.

Whilst ‘Waiting’ isn’t on streaming services, you can listen and watch via the video above and keep an eye out as Archpelago will have some exciting things coming on the horizon.

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