Leopard Rays take us on a trip on their new EP

Time’s a Factor, Kid is the long awaited, highly anticipated debut EP by Teesside’s prodigal sons, Leopard Rays. The four piece have been together for a few years and have made their name from racuous, punchy rock singles like ‘I’m Japan’, ’Moon’ and through their incredible live shows. 

As a debut EP goes, Time is a Factor, Kid is perfectly put together. It’s been crafted into a narrative that tells the story of, as the title would imply, the passing of time. Each song tells a different story, each shaped by the passing of time.

Particularly ‘Brother’ and ‘Pass You By’ are stand out songs here, drawing comparisons to the likes of Lonely the Brave and even rock heavyweights Nothing But Thieves. Leopard Rays ultimately show great promise on this EP, they let us into their world and show sides of the band that perhaps weren’t given an opportunity to in singles.

This is just the beginning for Leopard Rays, you can (and should) listen to Time is a Factor, Kid right here and you can keep up with them on social media @Leopard_Rays.

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