Friends of Peanut Mixtape

This is just a bunch of lovely internet people and blogs that I like to read and no doubt I shouldn’t show you because they’ll show me up massively.


SODWEE: Stands for Sound Of Da Week before you ask, they cover an ungodly amount of music from upcoming artists and they’re bloody lovely.

Belwood Music: Proper cool stuff, spots things in music that I wouldn’t even bat an eyelid at until I’d finished their review of it.

SoundsGood: Has a rather lovely way with words and gets proper stuck into music, and probably funniest blogger out there.

Euphoria: They have a ridiculously gorgeous layout and content to match. There’s always a nice mix of genres here if you’re not fully into indie music.

The Last Mixed Tape: Somehow their finger is always on the pulse, regularly leave their site with a new band that it would’ve taken me months to find on my own. Basically they’re always on it.

Mytacism Music: This one is bloody lovely, I don’t know how they do it but their SOTD is somehow never a day song. Do they ever have a bad day for music? Probably not.

Sync.: Don’t even tell me how much work goes into keeping this website up to date because I don’t think my heart could take it. Somehow they’ve always got something new and somehow it’s always excellent.